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Dr. Stone Spoilers & RAW Chapter 181

CH# 180


Z=181 - New World Science

Kohaku begins by saying that on earth thousands of years ago, pouring down upon the world petrifying mankind were a horrible number of enemies

Senku replies, "Okay, that means it wasn't there in the first place

" [JP text: "Ruin is pouring down"] Senku tests several of the devices, which appear not to function


Taiju apologizes and says if he's petrified to sprinkle some of the precious resurrection fluid on him, and proceeds to jump around the dead pile, trying to petrify himself using the non-English word for 'second' and amusing Kohaku, who says it looks fun

Senku confirms that this is what was expected

Ryusui says that if one died after covering Treasure Island, then there's no way they could still work after covering the entire planet

Xeno muses on how spectacular it must have been, that multitude of science weapons activating one-by-one, that day thousands of years ago when the planet was turned into a stone world

At the same time, Gen points out to Xeno that while he was talking, he swiped a petrification device and put it in his right pocket, asking if he'd dare challenge a mentalist such as himself

As Chrome tries to retrieve it, Senku says he doesn't care

Its battery is dead anyway and it stimulates the curiosity, and Senku would like to get his mentor's wisdom, because in order to beat Stanley's elite soldiers, there's nothing but this petrification device that can save them

Suika wonders how the dead devices can help them, but Tsukasa says, "There are many possible things we can do, right Senku?" and then proceeds to crush one

Ryusui realizes that, even if Joel's expert hand is the only one who can disassemble them delicately, they still can be crushed, as Matsukaze told them

If it was only one device, it was all or nothing

But with this many, they can crush and investigate at will

Senku confirms that the science team likes it and it's now disassembly time

On the aircraft carrier Perseus, Ginro is worried that they're underway, and asks Matsukaze what he will do

He says he doesn't know, but is relieved their friends escaped safely

Maya points out that Stanley is taking it easy against the Junior Science Club, while Stanley notes they have some good brains on their sides, as the radar guy says that by looking at the bikes' routes determine they must have been heading down the Amazon River

Stanley says they can definitely catch up, since the other side will need to make new ships, showing that Stanley's new plan is to circumnavigate the continent

Charlotte wonders if it would be hard to find them, but radar guy says that no matter the appearance radio waves can always catch foreign objects -- you can never hide from the eye of science, radar

Back in Manaus, construction of their new ship to carry back as many petrification devices as they can haul has begun, although Gen is worried about the shape

Ukyo recognizes it, as Senku chuckles that of course a sonar man would see that shape specifically made to defeat the radar network -- stealth

Gen struggles to process Senku's new development as Francois explains to Kohaku what stealth technology is

Chrome surmises that if the ship becomes jagged, it becomes difficult to see with radar

Senku says he's basically correct and describes how the shape disperses the waves

He then uses the leftover rubber/carbon powder to coat the ship, further enhancing its radar evasion

Ukyo notes that since stealth was a military secret, it seems like this would be a trial-and-error process

Senku agrees, but says he has a NASA teacher nearby

Xeno confirms he will assist whenever it keeps him personally safe, which Chelsea finds annoying [STEALTH SHIP ACQUIRED]

Suika says she might like the shape after all as they decide to test it

Ukyo says it has a reduced signature, but he can still see it, which Senku expects since you can't just stumble upon military accuracy

Chrome, thinking about how precise radar is, asks why "you 21st century guys" never noticed anything the day all of these petrification devices descended

Xeno says that sometimes asteroid come close to earth without detection, but surely this amount of material should have been found, although he hadn't heard anything through any observatory, including NASA

Ukyo, noting Medusa's strange shape, tests the radar on it and finds it is invisible

Xeno and Senku realize it must be absorbing the radar waves, and that there is some sort of enigma inside

Chrome asks that, with that, can't they just stick them on the ship? [FUTURE STEALTH SHIP ACQUIRED]

Senku and Ryusui are excited to be stepping up to the science of the future

As their new ship sails down the Amazon, Xeno smiles and notes that science is indeed elegant

[JP text: "Science, updated!!!"]

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CH# 180
Dr. Stone Spoilers & RAW Chapter 181

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